Health Benefits of CBD For Dogs

CBD is a component of marijuana and hemp that can have many health benefits. It can help with arthritis, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, seizures, and even muscle spasms. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to reduce pain in dogs.

It’s Not for Everyone

As with most things in your pet’s life, it’s important to consult with your vet before giving CBD to them. He or she may be able to prescribe a low-dose, or you can do research on the internet and try to find a product that has been tested by a veterinarian.

If you do choose to use CBD, make sure it’s a pure extract without toxins like pesticides or GMOs. If it’s not, it’s likely to cause allergic reactions in your pet, so you should always start with a small dose and monitor how your pet responds.

Dosing Is Key

Dosing is the most important part of any medication, and it’s especially true for a cbd for dogs. The correct dosage is the key to getting positive results with CBD, says Dr. Richter. He recommends starting your pet on a very low dose and slowly working your way up to the recommended dose. He recommends 0.05 to 0.25 mg per pound of body weight, twice daily.

It Can Help With Anxiety

Most pets experience some level of anxiety, and it can affect their behavior and social temperament. This can include separation anxiety, travel anxiety and anxiety from noise, fireworks or thunderstorms.

In a few studies, CBD has been found to be helpful for anxiety in dogs. It doesn’t take long to start feeling the effects, but you might need to give your pet a daily dose.

It Can Lower Pain In Your Dog

CBD has been shown to relieve pain in pets suffering from conditions like osteoarthritis and atopic dermatitis, without the harmful side effects of NSAIDs and other pain medications. It’s thought to lower inflammation in the ECS, or the nerves that create pain sensations.

It Can Improve Skin and Hair in Your Dog

CBD can have a soothing effect on the skin and paws of your dog, and it also promotes healthy hair growth. In addition, it’s thought to increase blood flow and reduce dry, itchy skin, so it can be beneficial for allergy-prone dogs as well.

It Can Control Seizures in Your Dog

In dogs with idiopathic epilepsy, CBD has been shown to significantly decrease the number of seizures. The best results have been achieved when CBD is used as an add-on to the standard treatment for seizures.

But it’s important to note that CBD can also affect how other drugs are metabolized in your pet’s body, and this may need to be considered when you switch your pet from one seizure medication to another.

It’s also not uncommon for pet owners to overdose on CBD products in an effort to help their pets feel better. The most common symptoms of overdose are lethargy, vomiting and lack of coordination. This can be dangerous for your pet, so the best course of action is to immediately call an emergency veterinarian if you think your dog has been overdosed on CBD.